Saturday, May 17

Raffia Bows ~ Free

You can never get enough bows. But putting bows on boys scrap pages looks a bit hoky. Try some raffia bows, they are totally macho little man. Did I mention that they are also free. I have had these posted on my Freebies For You Page, however; nobody downloaded them because they were not picked up by DigiFree. So, tomorrow I will delete them from my Scrap Wizard Home Page.

Please check out my new Transparent Bottles Kit and Dress Form Kit in the Scrap Wizard Boutique. Very low prices for high quality digitals.

In the Scrap Wizard Boutique.

In the Scrap Wizard Boutique.

Thursday, May 15

Digital Dollar Store

Ever wonder why my kits are so inexpensive? Not because they are inferior products. Not because I don't have any confidence. Not because they are easy to make. They are inexpensive because I do not know how to create a shopping cart on this blogger system. Each item has to be purchased separately simply because I do not have the expertise to do the whole Add to Cart, View Cart, Checkout routine. So I figure that if you have to go through the routine more than once, the product should be more than well worth your money. Fear not, I only have three or four items in my Boutique. Not like anyone buys them anyway. Rest assured, I will figure it out.
Until then, I have a new freebie (some Raffia Bows) for you on my Free For You page. Have a great night.

Tuesday, May 13

Reorganizing my blog. . .

Boy, it sure isn't easy. I have set aside a section solely for freebies. Also, I have created a section for turorials and one for a boutique. I moved most of my free stuff over to the Free for you section. But for tonight, I am exhausted and cannot do anymore. I planted flowers from about 8:30 this morning until about 2:00 this afternoon. My poor achey breaky back. Hope you will come back to my blog soon and check out my progress.

Saturday, May 10

Mother's Day

Of all the things life has to offer, being a mother is the best. So, to all the mothers out there . . . Happy Mother's Day.
You can download the .jpg file here and send them on to the mothers in your address book.