Tuesday, November 6

Great Silhouette Contest for Christmas! 2012

I have not posted on the internet for several years. My privacy went out the 'Windows' like a Microsoft breeze and my Facebook account took more hits than a celebrity mugshot. Being 'out there' was not for me. After 66 years on this planet, there is more of me 'out there' than I care to acknowledge. However, last night I got an email from a company that I trust. I am posting the links in an effort to reach more dedicated crafters who may or may not be aware of the products available. The company is Silhouette America and they are sponsoring a contest that anyone can enter. Wouldn't it be awesome if you were one of the three winners and you could give this package of over 20 items to someone for Christmas? WoooooHooooo! What a Christmas morning that would make! Okay, please read this and get going..... http://silhouetteamerica.com/santa/