Friday, November 9

On our way.

Wow, I have been backing up files for what seems like a week. I have the house pretty much in order and I will spend tomorrow going through every single drawer, packing what I think I might need for the next five months. I still have to pack all my clothes and my paper scraps tonight. I am alotted one Crop Station packing unit for my paper scraps. Anyway, we will be on the road by Sunday. Once I get to Atlanta, I will order my new computer (YES!!) and then I will not have to wait for too long before it gets delivered in Florida. As soon as possible, I will have a freebie listed on Of course, I will be way down at the bottom of the list, but hey; sometimes you have to dig for treasure! So, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I will talk to you soon. God bless us all.

Thursday, November 1

Recommend Renee Pearson

Yes, I am glad that it is over with. I have one grandaughter here in Michigan and I have four grandchildren in Atlanta. Loving the one that is here is natural, loving and missing the ones that are there is miserable. So, holidays are always rather bittersweet to me.

Would you believe that it has taken me two days to write a tutorial? I do all of this stuff because it keeps me on my toes, so to speak. But, two days . . . I keep getting interrupted and my mind wonders off. Nonetheless, there seems to be quite a few people out there that appreciate base, bottom-line, tutorials for BEGINNERS.

Actually, if I could recommend any one book that helped me the most; it would be "Digital Designs for Scrapbooking" by Renee Pearson. She does not use intimidating phrases like 'clipping masks' or 'digitizer'. Well worth the price. Get it. Read it. Do the exercises.

Back to being a beginner. I am still there. I got interested in digital scraps in May or June of this year. So, I learn everytime I open PhotoShop. I tried CS3, but I have gotten too attached to using my mouse scroll wheel; which is not possible in CS3. Saved myself big bucks there.

So, I can understand why people who are just starting like to learn from someone they do not know. Well, here I am. I remember a few months back, I would pick a page from a paper scrapbook magazine and duplicate it digitally. Man, I was so proud of my little self. I recreated a page that was in Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I was so proud (and brazen and stupid) that I loaded it up in the Creating Keepsakes Gallery. I even posted that I scraplifted and totally plagiarized (or in this case, pagiarized) from a member of their design team. It wasn't until weeks later that I read a muse from Ro about scrap etiquette and how inappropriate my behavior had been. I was so appreciative of someone leaking the information to me. If I can help even one person avoid that type of embarrasment, these tutorials are worth every minute of my time. By the way, if you do not know what a "Ro Muse" is, stop by and sign up for the newsletters. You will learn more than just clipping and pasting. . . things like scrap etiquette.

This free tutorial and file kit to practice with are definietly for the beginners. It is repititious, grueling and worth every second you put into it. Give it a try, let me know what you threw at the wall. But, by the time you finish this tut; you will not feel like a beginner anymore. And that is our purpose for this moment.

For those of you who know how to do the good stuff, click on my Blog Archives for September. There are over 30 freebies there including two complete kits with some really fun embellishments, such as these envelopes all ready to slap on a page.

God Bless Us All. Yes, even the goofy guy at the seance!

Down the Tutorial and Excerise Files here:

Please remember to go to September Blog Archives for the entire kit that contains this stationery and much more.

Saturday, October 20

Big sale at Scrap Girls

I have gotten so far behind on my blog. Too many things to do and so little time to do it in. But, I did want to make sure that absolutely everyone got the word about the big Anniversary Party going on over at ScrapGirls. All the way up until Wednesday, 22.3% off. I know that I want to go and pick up that All Stitched Up Kit, but I want to have the time to look around for some other stuff. They have all sorts of games and challenges. These girls have worked overtime to make this fun for us, so we should take advantage of all their toil and trouble. Now, get over there and see if you can win one of those $33.33 prizes. Have fun.

Tuesday, October 2

City Streets Preview

Well, I must apologize for that last page. I had Taylor for two days and she was kind enough to share her cold with me. When I was putting 'Autumn Leaves' together, I had a scratchy throat and dizzy head and well . . . it shows. That must be the ugliest page yet. As a matter fact, it is going to be deleted. There, it is gone. . .forever.

However, after spending a week with my Nyquil bottle; I got back to work on a kit that I am really excited about. If you have teenage sons or pre-teen nephews, you will be sending me kisses. My one and only grandson, Zach; is all boy. He does not hug his Grandmother. Nope, he runs at me with both arms open, grabs my neck in a flying strangle hold and swings his sweaty little body into whatever direction he is going. Nor does he call me Grandma . . . he calls me, G-Dog.

The point to all this is that I find it difficult to find scrap stuff for boys. There are frogs and tricycles, and baseball and soccer stuff; but I want some strumin geetars and noisy traffic stuff. I needed some Zach stuff! So, I am waiting on a note of approval from to see if I can release "City Streets". No bows, no cute little hearts . . . just "City Streets".

Hopefully, I will get a go ahead and as soon as that happens; you can download
some cool kid stuff. Until then, how about a little sneak peek? There are six pages and each has just one journaling block. I named this one, Up On The Roof.

What the heck, one more little peek won't hurt. I named this one, Rumble and it is my personal fav.

Here's hoping that I hear from the multi-talented Designfruit soon. Meanwhile, G-Dog is outta here.

Sunday, September 23

Freebie here: Journaling Blocks for Simplicity

I wondered why there were no downloads on the Simplicity frames and journaling blocks. I forgot to add them to the blog. Thank you jhawkeye for catching it. My apologies.

Download the Simplicity Journaling Blocks here:

Wednesday, September 19

Freebie here: Scream in the Dark!

Had to take Shadow to the vet's office today. Gary was out on the Harley with 'the boys', so I had the pleasure of taking her by myself. She was a perfect little angel . . . well at least for Shadow. She is an eighty pound Belgian Sheepdog with a bit of a personality snag. When she was about two, she was running around the yard faster than black sambo. Gary had the sliding door open on the side of the van. Shadow was not about to be left behind and she actually took a flying leap. The thud was heart stopping, but the unearthly cry that ripped through the neighborhood was literally chilling. Her right rear knee did not clear the running board and she required surgery to repair it. So, today was just a routine blood workup to make sure that the pain meds are not causing damage to her kidneys.

Enough about my day, hope you all had a good day. It sure was beautiful here in Michigan. I love a true Indian Summer day and we do not get that many of them anymore.

I thought I would load one little piece of paper for you tonight. Halloween is just around the corner, so a few of you might want to use, Scream in the Dark.

Download "Scream in the Dark" here:

Monday, September 17

Freebies here: "Little Gold Charms 2" and "Grunge Elements"

Would you believe that I got an email this morning from a friend in Pennsylvania telling me that she and her husband were leaving for Florida in 14 days?! I guess the time is really slipping by faster than I realized.

Anyway, I have been looking at my download stats and it seems as though the elements are of more interest to you than the paper. So, I made some more little gold charms and some grungy stuff that I like to think of as shipping or postal stuff. The tags read:

Caution: Children are LOOSE!
Caution: Contents are ALIVE!
Caution: Girls on the MOVE!
Handle with Care
Caution: Boys on the MOVE!

Download the Grunge Elements here:

Download the Little Golden Charms 2 here:

Saturday, September 15

Freebie here: "Little Gold Charms 1" Kit

This was the first kit that I published last week. These are a few of my favorite things. Please make sure you download these:

They are the prettiest darn charms you will find out here. Actually, my friend Carol; has just finished her reconstruction from the ravishes of breast cancer. I started with an Awareness Ribbon Charm for Carol and it just grew. I will be making more, so keep posted. Have a great weekend. I will be back someday next week with something new, I hope. At my age, who knows?

Freebies here: "Natural Accents" and "Belt Buckles"

Wow, am I ever glad that my better-half pooped out early. He wanted to go to town tonight for the AppleFest. The AppleFest is a HUGE event here. It is sponsored every year by St. John's Catholic Church in town and it is where everyone is right now. Apple pie, by the slice, by the pan, by the plate, any way to eat apple pie can be found at the AppleFest. They raffle off two new cars every year, tons of prizes and did I mention apple pie and beer? Anyway, Gary is taking a nap with the dog; which means I get to take a rest.

Are you ready for some bugs? Another thing you may have noticed about the Simplicity packs, they are infested with bugs! I think they make a nice addition to kids pages. All kids like bugs. My children used to have mantids on the curtains in the dining room. I would run screaming around the house at night. One day my son was going to show his Great-Aunt his collection of snakes. Oops, he left the lid open on his foot locker. Then, of course; there was the cigar box sitting in the middle of the floor in the pantry. Now, what would you do if you saw a fancy cigar box sitting in the middle of the floor? I had no idea that he had a spider collection. Anyway, kids like em and mothers hate them.

Get your bugs here:


This last group, I made for primarily vintage pages. I always remember my Grandmother having fabric covered belts on all of her dresses. It is a comforting memory. There is no photo of these, they are simply belt buckles covered in the vintage paper with the solid ribbon running through them. You can use them for photo wraps or simply a trim on the edge of a page.
Download the belt buckles and photo wraps here:

Freebie here: "Manfred's Florals with Drop Shadows"

There is a sweet grandfather who lives in Germany and works miracles with type fonts. Undoubtedly, you have seen his work; but never knew his name. His name is Manfred Klein.

These little flowers add such a giddy and happy feel to children's pages. They are bright and colorful and they are a gift. Please respect Mr. Klein's copyright and his generosity by using them appropriately on your own pages only. Thank you.

Download the Florals with Drop Shadows here:

Freebies here: Simplicity Epoxy or Gelly or Plastic . . .

It really does not matter to the wizard. I like the looks of some Gelly Embellies, but some of them I'm not so crazy about. Now keys, I love keys. Anyway, I had this download on earlier and then I decided to break it up into two downloads. It takes a long time for some people to get files if they are in an area that does not have access to cable or dish. So, let's get on with the show.
Oh, way too much ringmaster today!
Download the Gelly Ribbon Tags here:
Download the remaining Gelly Embellies here:

Freebies here: "Glass Buttons" with PSD Text files

My daughter hates my glass buttons. I love them. By the way, if you would like to learn how to make them and you are running PSE; there is a wonderful tutorial at It is called, Interface Orb by Brian Fusco. Of course, his are for web sites; but scrappers are grateful happy people and we will say, thanks anyway. We are not a picky bunch. A simpler version for a Gradient Brad by Linda Sattgast can be found at

As for the wizard, they are glass buttons and I've got a bunch of them. This set actually includes several PSD. files which you can use if you are running Photoshop Elements. With these files, you can change the text to suit your own needs. Otherwise, I tried to think of titles that would apply to scrapping. If you have some suggestions for words that you would like, I'm open to a limited number of them. Not a lot, no more than two per person. And when I get exhausted, I will not offer this service. Right now, I am a gluten for punishment and I need the ego boost.
Hope you like buttons!

Get em here:

Freebie here: "Hearts and Flowers"

I cannot tell you how pleased I am. First, my husband and I had a wonderful time at the Lipizzaner Stallions performance. A very small audience, but the riders and horses were still breathtaking. The majesty and history of these horses is unparalleled. The music puts your imagination in Austria and Spain in times that we can only read about. Anyway, if you ever get a chance to see them, go!

After the show we went to Ruggerio's for lasagna. When we were kids, Mr. Ruggerio would kick us out after teen club. We were a pretty rowdy bunch and we all had to pool our money to pay for one pizza and sodas. Not financially sound to open a pizzeria across the street from a junior high school. Of course, now the restaurant has moved out of the city into an upscale location. The owner is still there, he still eyes us carefully when we come in and he still makes the best Italian food around. Another urban legand.

BUT, the BIGGEST, the BESTEST part of my whole day (well almost) was coming home to find that I actually had comments on my blog. Good heaven, someone knows the wizard! Anne, and AJ and TripletMommy and TheresaMarie. They all left comments!!! Yahoooooo! Thank you so much for making me feel like I am doing a fun thing for you.

So, with all of that aside; let's download!!!

I am going to start off with a real treat. If you ever do a search for PSE brushes, you will recognize the name, Hawksmont. An extremely talented lady who lets us use her brushes for whatever we want, as long as we appreciate her work. Thank you, Hawksmont.

You can download Hearts and Flowers here:

Freebie here: Colored "Circle Stamps and RicRac Circles to match"

Download your circle stamps here:

Freebie here: Simplicity "Plain Paper, White Scallop Over Vintage and Flowers"

Download the Simplicity Plain Papers here:

Download the Simplicity White Scalloped Over Vintage Papers here:

Download the Simplicity Flowers and the Organdy Bows here:

Freebie here: Simplicity "Vintage Paper, Plain Scallop Over White, Stripe and Plain Bows"

Download the Vintage Paper here:

Download the Textured Solid Scalloped Paper here:
Download the Plain Bows here:

Download the Stripe and Polka Dot Bows here:

Freebie here: Simplicity "Vintage Stationery and Envelopes"

Download the Vintage Stationery here:

Freebie here: Simplicity "Pinned Journals" and Pins

Back again. It takes me longer to upload files than it does for you to download files. I taxed the limit and pushed my boundaries today as far as uploads are concerned. However, I have a date with the Lippizanner Stallions at 2:00pm and it will take us a good hour to get there. I will get as much onto this blog as I can before I leave. Hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Download the pinned journals here:

Friday, September 14

Freebie here: "Beautiful Baby" Kit

I'll be darned. Here it is 11:00am and I just had to answer the door in my pajamas. I love working with PSE and I learn lots and lots, but I may be out of my mind. The only feedback I got was from my daughter. So, Kristin; here is a set that I made during that lesson we took back in June. The overlay on this paper is one that you made and there is a lot more in the kit than is in the photo. Hope you like it. I still plan on having some technicolor on here before night fall.

Download Beautiful Baby Paper and Embellies here:

Wednesday, September 12

Freebie here: "Kristin's Garden" Kit

Where does the whole day go? Yesterday, I looked out towards the backyard and there was Mr. Atlas, AARP.PC digging out the old steps to the pool. Those steps have been there for 30 years and need repair badly, but what makes this old poop think he can take them out by himself? So, I got on my old trusty leather yard gloves and we now have rotting steps on our back deck. So, of course; the dog is terrified of this foreign object and refuses to go piddle in the back yard. Which means that she had to go out at 2:00am. This cycle just keeps going round and round and round. This afternoon he sat down and wanted to know if I wanted the stairs to go straight out or did I want them to curve around the way they used to be. Dah! Just he and I and the dog and it's a darn nut house around here. Enough of my wallowing.

My daughter called tonight from Georgia and wanted me to see what I could do with an overlay she made. Well, I guess I did not quite understand what she wanted me to do with it. She liked the paper when I was finished, but she did not like how I got to the end result. I'm slappin' my forehead again and wondering which way to go . . . Snap! or Pop!

Regardless, I thought it was a good opportunity to put together a little prize for my blog. Had to put on my little wizard cap for this one, but it is always fun. Now, it is your turn! You've got three papiers and I think there are about five embellies. What kind of magic can you come up with. I'd love to see your pages. Maybe a little comment or two. Am I alone here?

For the sake of sharing, I would like you to know how easy this is to do. I use PhotoShop Elements 5, so you really can accomplish good things without the high-end, expensive software. All I did was to open Kristin's Overlay that she wanted me to use. That was the swirly area in the middle of this page. Then I placed a paper template over that, which will size the template and plop it right on top of Kristin's Overlay. For this quickie project, I used a ScrapSimple Paper Template called Enchanted from the ScrapGirls site. Then I run my little mouse cursor up to the Menu Bar and select Adjust Color. It sounds so easy, because it is.

The only frightening thing about PhotoShop is the terminology. When I say, go to the little two toned circle thinga majiggy; it is so much more friendly than 'Click once on your Adjustment Layer Symbol. I am sure that Adobe would love to say 'thinga majiggy', but there would be a gazillion and one interpretations for thinga majiggy. So, once you know the language; your mind interprets Adjustment Layer Symbol as 'the layer thinga majiggy'. Once you get ontop of the language, it is actually fun and you will learn to hussle through the daily chores so that you can have some free time with PhotoShop.

Download the papier here:

And don't go away without your embellies.
Get em here:

Actually, there is one embellie in there where I copied an idea from an article in the 'Creating Keepsakes' September issue. It was a layout by C.D.Muckosky that I really liked. See if you can spot it! Have fun. I have to babysit at 6:00am, so I am outta here.

Monday, September 10

Freebie here: Little Golden Charms

Well, we closed the pool this morning. There was much discussion about whether to fill it in this summer or continue to keep dumping dollars into water that nobody swims in. That is always the last warning sign that the leaves are coming down and the flakes will follow close behind. Another summer in Michigan over and soon we head south for the cold spell.

I created this blog just this morning, so that I could display some of my scrap pieces. For the time being, I will concentrate on setting up the download services; so you can use my papers and pieces if you wish. Alas, once a freebie, always a freebie. However, at some point; I will be listing my newest pieces for sale. But, at this stage of the game; I am experimenting with this global marketplace and all its ramifications.

I put together a group of "Little Gold Charms" this weekend. Please leave me a note if you use them and perhaps a link to your work. Please do not use my pieces for any money making endeavors. Thank you.

Download here: