Thursday, December 25

Happy Kwanzaa........

Please take a look at my Kwanzaa and Christmas rub-ons.

More goodies..........

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I am just a tad exhausted, so I am going to take a few days off to sort out my computer files, clean my house and just chill out for a bit. I need to load some fun pages before I play hookie, though. I was looking at the cover of the major paper scrappin magazine and fell in love with a layout they had. So, I thought you might like a template for your digi pages and also some embellies, bows, paper, etc. for your stash. I loaded everything into one zip file, so that you couldn't peek. It is called Winter Excursion. But, if you want only the quickpage template, download only the second zip file. Have fun.

Merry Christmas to all.

Joy, it has been gone from my heart for years now. My family is scattered in different cities that are hundreds of miles apart. My Father died five years ago and that was the last of my birth family. But, Christmas is the joy. The promise that all will be together without strife or crisis. The end of the separations and differences that exist here. And it comes not in death, but in the birth of Christ. I wish you all the joy of the moment and the peace of the promise.

Did you ever hear of the Polar Express? For my portion, I have three quick pages that are in PSD form, so you can receive all the parts, pieces and papers. Wishing you a Merry Christmas................ScrapWizard.

Please follow the web map below to hop aboard the Polar Express:
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Digidesigns by Amberbaz



You Are Here

Serene by RW


Saturday, December 20

Red, Black and Green......

The official colors of Kwanzaa. I promised you a quick page for both Christmas and for Kwanzaa, so here it is. I made them both .png files to make them super easy for you to use. Just plunk your photo behind the page and email if off to Grannie in Oklahoma. Hope you like them, they are zipped together in the same download. Have a good night.

Friday, December 19

Looks like a white Christmas.......

At least in Michigan. I truly love the snow before Christmas. It's fresh and clean. It sparkles and glistens. Fenton (in Michigan) got a little over a foot of snow today and does it ever cause you to stop and take notice of how absolutely beautiful this world is. Having said that, I am not sure that anyone should hear what I have to say about snow AFTER Christmas. I remember that Robin Cook once wrote a description of snow on the city streets after foot traffic and car exhaust. He called it "rotting snow". Well, those are pretty much my sentiments as well. But, today it was fresh and clean; so I am hoping that someone out there had their children on the ski slopes or taboggan runs. Maybe they gave life to a snowperson in the front yard. Mostly, I hope you got some good pictures for your scrapbook pages. And being pressed for time, you may be able to make use of a 'clean' snow quick page. While I am at it, I would like to thank the courteous ladies that left me such nice comments about my quick page from last night. I appreciate it. Tomorrow night, I will have a special quick page suitable for either Christmas or Kwanzaa. It will be in two PSD layers only because it has a separate journal spot, so don't let it scare you. Night all.......

Thursday, December 18

Please, don't misunderstand me........

I love Christmas, but I am just on the side of super saturated at the moment. It seems to me that Christmas was much more of a sentimental time when I was a child. I was one of the very first of the baby boomers. My Father was in the Army Air Corp when the war ended and I was born into an economy that was as much in its infancy as I was. There was no such thing as a mall or a shopping center. There was Sears, Roebuck and Co., but there was no such thing as a credit card. If you got a Christmas present, it was something that was part of your life on an everyday basis. Something like a stuffed animal or a rag doll. Christmas was about celebrating the joy of Jesus, the joy of family and a prosperus future for every aspect of our country. I can only wish and pray that each of your lives will be as blessed as mine was. Needless to say, I get caught on memories every now and then. There may not be much demand for this quick page, but I had fun making it. I have fun remembering, isn't that what scrapping is all about?

Monday, December 8

Thank you.........

I wanted to sign in and say thank you to the 25 people who picked up my brad template. I hope to see some of them in the galleries around the web. I also wanted to let you know that I put a couple of rub-ons in the FREE section over at Busyscrappin. There is one for Christmas and one for Kwanzaa. They would be a nice addition to your holiday page or your handmade cards. Enjoy.

Friday, December 5

A promise is a promise. . . .

If you really read my post from yesterday, you know that there is a treat here just for my blog followers. They are loyal and come back to visit whether I have been a loyal blogger or not. A pretty terrific group of scrappers.

Thursday, December 4

My keyboard is cold. . .

Not because I have not been using it, but because it is so blessed cold here. Usually, we are in Florida by now; but we are waiting on some medical issues. Growing old is not as easy as we thought it would be. Regardless, here we are; still in Michigan. I have been making lots of Christmas digis lately, so I thought that I would put a freebie out there for you. This is a set of brads with an extra silver rim, so you can change them out. If I was not so cold, I would stay in this freezing room and put together a template for you to make your own brads. They are much more fun when the pictures inside mean something to you, such as; a little pic of your kitty or puppy. Come back tomorrow and I will have it here for you. However, I will not be putting it on DigiFree because a friend of mine has a kit out there. So only the people who read my blog will have a clue. Saturday morning, it will be gone. For now, stay warm. I am going to go put on some fluffy warm weather socks and probably a fleece jacket.