Thursday, December 25

Happy Kwanzaa........

Please take a look at my Kwanzaa and Christmas rub-ons.

More goodies..........

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I am just a tad exhausted, so I am going to take a few days off to sort out my computer files, clean my house and just chill out for a bit. I need to load some fun pages before I play hookie, though. I was looking at the cover of the major paper scrappin magazine and fell in love with a layout they had. So, I thought you might like a template for your digi pages and also some embellies, bows, paper, etc. for your stash. I loaded everything into one zip file, so that you couldn't peek. It is called Winter Excursion. But, if you want only the quickpage template, download only the second zip file. Have fun.

Merry Christmas to all.

Joy, it has been gone from my heart for years now. My family is scattered in different cities that are hundreds of miles apart. My Father died five years ago and that was the last of my birth family. But, Christmas is the joy. The promise that all will be together without strife or crisis. The end of the separations and differences that exist here. And it comes not in death, but in the birth of Christ. I wish you all the joy of the moment and the peace of the promise.

Did you ever hear of the Polar Express? For my portion, I have three quick pages that are in PSD form, so you can receive all the parts, pieces and papers. Wishing you a Merry Christmas................ScrapWizard.

Please follow the web map below to hop aboard the Polar Express:
Designed By K

Digidesigns by Amberbaz



You Are Here

Serene by RW


Saturday, December 20

Red, Black and Green......

The official colors of Kwanzaa. I promised you a quick page for both Christmas and for Kwanzaa, so here it is. I made them both .png files to make them super easy for you to use. Just plunk your photo behind the page and email if off to Grannie in Oklahoma. Hope you like them, they are zipped together in the same download. Have a good night.

Friday, December 19

Looks like a white Christmas.......

At least in Michigan. I truly love the snow before Christmas. It's fresh and clean. It sparkles and glistens. Fenton (in Michigan) got a little over a foot of snow today and does it ever cause you to stop and take notice of how absolutely beautiful this world is. Having said that, I am not sure that anyone should hear what I have to say about snow AFTER Christmas. I remember that Robin Cook once wrote a description of snow on the city streets after foot traffic and car exhaust. He called it "rotting snow". Well, those are pretty much my sentiments as well. But, today it was fresh and clean; so I am hoping that someone out there had their children on the ski slopes or taboggan runs. Maybe they gave life to a snowperson in the front yard. Mostly, I hope you got some good pictures for your scrapbook pages. And being pressed for time, you may be able to make use of a 'clean' snow quick page. While I am at it, I would like to thank the courteous ladies that left me such nice comments about my quick page from last night. I appreciate it. Tomorrow night, I will have a special quick page suitable for either Christmas or Kwanzaa. It will be in two PSD layers only because it has a separate journal spot, so don't let it scare you. Night all.......

Thursday, December 18

Please, don't misunderstand me........

I love Christmas, but I am just on the side of super saturated at the moment. It seems to me that Christmas was much more of a sentimental time when I was a child. I was one of the very first of the baby boomers. My Father was in the Army Air Corp when the war ended and I was born into an economy that was as much in its infancy as I was. There was no such thing as a mall or a shopping center. There was Sears, Roebuck and Co., but there was no such thing as a credit card. If you got a Christmas present, it was something that was part of your life on an everyday basis. Something like a stuffed animal or a rag doll. Christmas was about celebrating the joy of Jesus, the joy of family and a prosperus future for every aspect of our country. I can only wish and pray that each of your lives will be as blessed as mine was. Needless to say, I get caught on memories every now and then. There may not be much demand for this quick page, but I had fun making it. I have fun remembering, isn't that what scrapping is all about?

Monday, December 8

Thank you.........

I wanted to sign in and say thank you to the 25 people who picked up my brad template. I hope to see some of them in the galleries around the web. I also wanted to let you know that I put a couple of rub-ons in the FREE section over at Busyscrappin. There is one for Christmas and one for Kwanzaa. They would be a nice addition to your holiday page or your handmade cards. Enjoy.

Friday, December 5

A promise is a promise. . . .

If you really read my post from yesterday, you know that there is a treat here just for my blog followers. They are loyal and come back to visit whether I have been a loyal blogger or not. A pretty terrific group of scrappers.

Thursday, December 4

My keyboard is cold. . .

Not because I have not been using it, but because it is so blessed cold here. Usually, we are in Florida by now; but we are waiting on some medical issues. Growing old is not as easy as we thought it would be. Regardless, here we are; still in Michigan. I have been making lots of Christmas digis lately, so I thought that I would put a freebie out there for you. This is a set of brads with an extra silver rim, so you can change them out. If I was not so cold, I would stay in this freezing room and put together a template for you to make your own brads. They are much more fun when the pictures inside mean something to you, such as; a little pic of your kitty or puppy. Come back tomorrow and I will have it here for you. However, I will not be putting it on DigiFree because a friend of mine has a kit out there. So only the people who read my blog will have a clue. Saturday morning, it will be gone. For now, stay warm. I am going to go put on some fluffy warm weather socks and probably a fleece jacket.

Friday, November 21

Still here.

Good morning, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Any day that I wake up is a wonderful day for me. I have this ear infection that some days makes me wish that I could sleep through the whole day. Every new antibiotic seems to make it worse than it was before. Needless to say, I stay up many nights playing around with Photoshop, which is hopefully a good substitute for gambling or drinking. The world just does not need another old drunk with a gambling habit. Thank you, Adobe. So, this morning I woke up and looked at what I created last night. Perhaps, I would do better as the little old drunk. This red page looks like I took a cake decorating class at the tattoo parlor.
And the blue one reminds me of a night when the sugar plumb fairies vandalized the forest after an experiment in the meth lab.

So, if I fail to wake up tomorrow; don't fret. However, I would seriously hesitate if your physician wants to put you on antibiotics for ANY reason. They (the two injections, one in each arm and ten days worth of orals) have caused disturbing changes to my artistic endeavors. Who knows, the Crystal Forest or Teaberry Tree might appeal to someone. As for me, I need to do some house cleaning and leave the artistic stuff to the ladies over at BusyScrappin.

Wednesday, November 12

Christmas Angel

One thing about digital is that you end up 'playing' with old stuff and seeing where it takes you. I guess it beats playing solitare. This little lady is one of those old pieces that I have been playing around with and I am going to put her out there. Some people might like her and find a use for her. I think of her as a Christmas angel. So, I cleaned her up and polished her wings and used her as an Overlay. But you could use her with a gradient or add any number of blends. See what you can do with her. What the heck, she's an angel; see what she can do for you. I know, I'm a little bit whacky. No terms of use on this one. Use her for personal, commercial, scrap for hire. No credit required.

Wednesday, October 29

Holy smokes. . .

That's what I said, Holy smokes; it is snowing here in Michigan. Very light snow, but snow; nonetheless. We usually don't stay in Michigan once the snow starts falling, but we had some late appointments this year. It turned out that we were able to attend a funeral last Sunday, which was very important to Gary and I still have another dental appointment coming up as well as my mammogram. Mammogram, it always reminds me of a Telegram where someone answers the door and is presented with little black and white pics of my mammary glands. Then it seems as though Bob Hope should come shuffling out to sing, "Thanks, for the mammary".
But, of course; you are probably way too young to remember such things as telegrams and Bob Hope. I remember. Little ole ancient me, I remember it well. Old people, how they babble on. and on .. and on ...
I think I promised a freebie tonight. And you thought I forgot! This is an action freebie. Oh my gosh, there is another one. The action figure doll. You might remember those. . . Action Figures!! Okay, okay, I'm back. An action freebie that will turn a photo into an wrinkled, grungy mess. Sounds like the good gift that heaven bestowed on me.
I highly, highly, highly recommend that you download the Tutorial that goes with this freebie.
I would also highly recommend that you unzip and print out the Tutorial BEFORE you jump in head first, unless; of course you are a whiz that can dance around this little ole lady. And there are surely some that can. I hope you enjoy this freebie and if you like it tons and bunches, you may just want to purchase a kit that I will posting in the store over at Busyscrappin by weeks end. I want you all to concentrate on having a sugar coated Halloween and then when all the parties and trick o' treating are over with, you can relax and make yourself familiar with Photoshop Element Actions.
Please do remember to get onboard for the Busyscrappin Halloween Blog Train on Friday. There will be soooo many freebies from all of the designers there, that you will forget all about rippin off the Snickers and Tootsie Rolls from your kids. Enjoy the holiday everyone!!!

Monday, October 27

Just a little preview

Hey ya'll,
I have not been around much lately and I need to apologize for that. However, I am working on something really fun for you; so please be patient. I am leaving a little ad for the Halloween blog train coming up this week. I know that I have worked really hard on this and from the previews that I have seen; so have all the girls over at Busyscrappin. So, I am back to work now. Have a wonderful day. I will be posting a freebie on Wednesday night, so check back.

Tuesday, October 21

Thank you . . .

Yes, I would like to thank the two people who voted one way or another. Since they voted differently, here are both pages. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 19

Battle of the sexes . . .

Yes, I'm going to slap another election on you. I have been working on a new kit, "Simply Newborns"; to put in the store over at BusyScrappin. The problem is, I cannot decide which QuickPage I want to give away as a Freebie Add On. I have one for baby boys which I named "Little Prince" QuickPage and I have one for baby girls which I named "Baby's Blankie" QucikPage. So, I need you to please vote for which one should be offered here as a freebie on Wednesday. I would say Tuesday, but I have another dentist appointment on Tuesday. This appointment will only last two hours, but I am dreading it soooo much. Anyway, please help me out by leaving a comment below as to which one you want. Don't you wish the national elections were so easy? No lies. No voter frauds. No back stabbing. No standing in line for hours to vote. Just leave a comment, either boy page or girl page. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

For baby girls

For baby boys.

Sunday, October 12

Add this to your calendar.

I'm a bit under the weather right now, but; please click on over to BusyScrapping and check out some of the goodies. This will be my very first blog train, and let me warn you that my offerings are not for the faint of heart!

Friday, October 3

Let's talk about Overlays...

I could sit here for days and make overlays. I love them. Some of them are more like templates rather than overlays. I like them all. I love the fact that you can make overlays from any patterned paper that you are fond of. For instance, take a look at this page that I did of Taylor. The background paper is an overlay made from a paper pack created by Anna Benjamin over at Paper Moon. I used a JPEG of one of her 'Brocade Papers' and converted it to black and white image and then I save it as a PNG. Now, how simple is that? And it looks great. That is one way to make a simple overlay.
Then I used one of my 'Ragged Overlays' from the Ragged Overlay Kit that is listed over at Busyscrappin. These are PSD files that have just two layers. The bottom layer, you use as both an overlay and also a shape template. The upper layer, you use just as it is to provide the back side of your torn paper. You can also use that layer for a colored backside or even the patterned backside of double-sided paper. The number of combinations are almost endless. If you are unfamiliar with using shape templates as overlays, I have added a freebie below. Nothing fancy, it is made from a basic shape provided within your Photoshop Elements. It is a great example of how you can create shape overlays of your own. If you like the looks of the Ragged Overlays, go with the link to BusyScrappin and purchase one or all of my Rugged Overlays for just $1.00 each. You can absolutely make your pages super standouts with double, triple and even quad overlays. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, September 29

One of my favorites.

This is truly one of my favorite photos of Izabel. The kids took Izabel on her first cruise last summer. Well, do you know how the towels are folded like origami animals on your bed? This is Izabel having her first encounter with the towel animals. I just love the way she is being so hesitant as she 'sizes up' this critter. Also, I like the little curl that forms at the nap of her neck where she smells so 'Izabellish'. Anyway, I personally have never been on a cruise and have no desire to do so; especially when there are real life pirates out there.

Did you notice the stitching on the shabby fabric frame? Cool, huh? That is a brand new kit that I just listed over at Busyscrappin. As a bonus in that kit, there are two golden charms, one for little girls and one for little boys. Just for stopping by today, however; you can download the 'Little Man' boys charm here. Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, September 25

A piece of candy for my sweet . . .

I have been playing, as you can see. But, lots of you downloaded 'Scream in the Dark'; so I thought you might like another spooky page. Please, this page is not for commercial use. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 21

Oldies, but goodies.

Some serious house cleaning going on here. No, I did not wash the windows. I have been packaging up a few goodies for you to take home. This is my complete golden charm collection and for today they are free. Tomorrow, who knows. Enjoy.

Last Day of Summer

Well, here in the United States; we have about seven more summer hours. Tomorrow is officially the beginning of autumn. We call it Indian Summer here in Michigan. Of course, this is beautiful country settled by the Ottawa, Chippewa and Kickapoos. Hence, we still have our Indian Summers. My favorite time of year when there is a crispness in the air that I cannot explain. It is like the deep sign coming from all the trees and plants as they release their last bit of energy in preparation for the coming winter. And you DO NOT want to get me started on Michigan winters! Enough of my rambling!

This has been a busy week for me. The routine fall stuff like closing the pool and trimming down the plants. But beyond all of that, I had a big change in my scrappin world. I got an offer to join the team at BusyScrappin'. I suppose that you might have noticed the new blinkies. So, with change comes . . . always more change. Hey, it keeps me young. BusyScrappin' is a relatively new site with twenty or so designers and lots of new products. They have plans in the works for free collaboration bags and Halloween kits as well as reasonably priced digi items. That makes a difference to me, I just simply cannot afford a lot of the digi stuff out there. At BusyScrappin', the prices are within my spending range. Since I might actually have an opportunity to sell some of my products, I will be moving all of my complimentary products (freebies) into my boutique after the first several hundred free downloads. Or there abouts. I am not about to sit and watch my download screen and count the downloads, but you get my drift. Most designers, will preview their complimentary items for a day or sometimes a weekend. After that preview period, they move that item to their stores. Anyway, that is the plan. So, if you do see my very identifiable SKDesigns Product Page on DigiFree or one of the other preview sites, don't hesitate. He who hesitates. . .well, you know.

The good part is that I still get to do what I love, I still get to ramble on and now I get to be part of a real team. Cool, huh? So, go through my archives and snag whatever is there to snag; because tomorrow it may not be there. Actually, I have had a lot of people looking for that Halloween page I did last year, so I have listed the link for 'Scream In The Dark' below. Also quite a few people have missed my Bows with Pearls, so if you want those; please take them now. For the time being, I wish you all a pleasant day. Go over to BusyScrappin' and take a look around.

Friday, September 19

CT Call over at BusyScrappin'

Okay, this is not even out in the public yet. Just thought it would be a heads-up for anyone who has been thinking about joining a Creative Team. Everyone over there is super sweet and easy to get along with. FYI

Wednesday, September 17

Murder at the Deadwood Saloon

We have started a new tradition in the neighborhood where my husband and I spend the winter months. It is a Murder Mystery Night and we have a blast! So, I found it neccesary to create a vintage western kit for our Murder at Deadwood Night. Now, I have more news. . .the Deadwood kit is actually being listed over at BusyScrappin'. How cool is that? I actually am now part of the Design Team at BusyScrappin'. They invited me onto the team this weekend and it is sooo much fun! So, if you like the looks of this page; you can look for the Deadwood kit over at BusyScrappin'. It is quite a new place for digital scrappers and I am really impressed with how well it is coming together. Lots of fun and more in store. . .forgive the pun!
Now for a little Post Script: Since it would be highly unethical for me to post my neighbors dressed up as Saloon Girls from Miss Kitty's Place; I used this photo of my daughter and son-in-law instead. It was taken about 19 years ago, so I hope they don't get too bunged!

Thursday, September 11

This is the reason . . .

This is the reason that I need a 12 inch printer!
I love digital scrapping because it is so relaxing, it kicks my instant gratification needs and I feel more creative than I do when I simply cut out paper. I love digital scrapping, because there is no way that you can "Put Time in a Bottle" (below), or fit a huge clip within a page protector such as in "Izabel" (below). But, I wanted to make this page special; so I used an overlay of Emily's High School as the background. Then, I added a snapshot of her following her commencement ceremonies. The picture was taken in front of Kennesaw Hall; which is located on the campus of KSU. And of course, she now attends KSU as a freshman. So, if I had a twelve inch printer; I could have done a "Virtual" scrap page that would have been soooo bum sweet. I guess, until I am ready to part with some money; I will just have to keep having fun in "Digital".

Time in a Bottle ~ You can still purchase The Transparent Bottle Kit at my boutique.

I love this FREE Quick Page from Raspberry Road Designs. It is part of Susan Darter's Nantucket Briar Collection.

Tuesday, August 5

Little old lady in lockdown?

Well, I have not been napping as anyone would think. However, I did get locked out of my blog because of a spam issue. Actually, I even heard something on the news this morning about Google locking down some blogs. As an after thought, I will bet my bottom dollar that mine was included because of my little "The Shack" promo. I might consider removing it, if I have any more problems. However, it is a wonderful book that I can recommend wholeheartedly. That's it for today, I was just checking to see if I was "Out of Quarantine" yet.

Thursday, July 24

Victorian Boot Kit

I had so much fun designing this kit. These boots would make a darling addition to any vintage OR modern page. So, head on over to my boutique and check out the Victorian Boot Kit. Very reasonably priced!
(This kit INCLUDES a PSE Beginners Tutorial)

Sunday, July 20

The Dark Knight

Wow, we just got back from the theater. The Dark Knight is actually a fantastic movie. Of course, there will be lots of little crazy freaks trying to imitate the Joker for Halloween. Lovely role model! For the life of me, I do not understand why we continue to do this to our children. My children were terrified of the clown doll from the Poltergeist movie. Come to think of it, did I not just recently post a scrap page of my darling son (Ted) taking my grandaughter (Zuzu)Trick or Treating. Now, you cannot tell me that children are not affected by the scary things in movies! Look how he turned out! Actually, I am extremely proud of my son; he is one of Atlanta's finest . . . a Fire Fighter! And my daughter is another one of Atlanta's best . . . a Cardiac RN.
So, now back to my subject of the day . . . On The Dark Side, oh yeah! Big John Cafferty fan, here. What else grows on the dark side, besides The Brown Beaver Band? Mushrooms, oh yeah! You asked for em, you got em.

Friday, July 11

ShaZAM from Jessica Sprague


I love a good challenge. So, when Jessica Sprague added a little goodie (like a really stupendous camera strap from Cotton Candy); I had to follow through. If you go to her SpragueLab site, you can read the PhotoShop Friday challenge that she put out there. The camera strap is super cool, but the tutorial that she has named the ShaZAM Technique is well worth the trip. I liked the camera strap so much that I even made my own paper kit to match it. Of course, the winner will be the one and only one to have their name drawn from a bucket on Monday, July 14th. So, go and add some ShaZAM to your scrappin' techniques. Can't say that I didn't try!
By the way, you can purchase the expanded kit in my boutique section.

Thursday, June 26

Gone for a long time.

Wow, it has been over a month since I last posted here. Been living in a funk. Finally, my new doctor put me on a new med for asthma and diagnosed me with something called polychrondritis. Never knew that I even had asthma and if I cannot breathe, I certainly cannot say pol*y*chon*dri*tis. Anyway, I am alive; atleast until tomorrow morning when I have my first ever stress test. Doesn't matter.
I was working on a page yesterday that made me smile. Thought I would post it. I will be back in the groove soon with some freebies.

Saturday, May 17

Raffia Bows ~ Free

You can never get enough bows. But putting bows on boys scrap pages looks a bit hoky. Try some raffia bows, they are totally macho little man. Did I mention that they are also free. I have had these posted on my Freebies For You Page, however; nobody downloaded them because they were not picked up by DigiFree. So, tomorrow I will delete them from my Scrap Wizard Home Page.

Please check out my new Transparent Bottles Kit and Dress Form Kit in the Scrap Wizard Boutique. Very low prices for high quality digitals.

In the Scrap Wizard Boutique.

In the Scrap Wizard Boutique.

Thursday, May 15

Digital Dollar Store

Ever wonder why my kits are so inexpensive? Not because they are inferior products. Not because I don't have any confidence. Not because they are easy to make. They are inexpensive because I do not know how to create a shopping cart on this blogger system. Each item has to be purchased separately simply because I do not have the expertise to do the whole Add to Cart, View Cart, Checkout routine. So I figure that if you have to go through the routine more than once, the product should be more than well worth your money. Fear not, I only have three or four items in my Boutique. Not like anyone buys them anyway. Rest assured, I will figure it out.
Until then, I have a new freebie (some Raffia Bows) for you on my Free For You page. Have a great night.

Tuesday, May 13

Reorganizing my blog. . .

Boy, it sure isn't easy. I have set aside a section solely for freebies. Also, I have created a section for turorials and one for a boutique. I moved most of my free stuff over to the Free for you section. But for tonight, I am exhausted and cannot do anymore. I planted flowers from about 8:30 this morning until about 2:00 this afternoon. My poor achey breaky back. Hope you will come back to my blog soon and check out my progress.

Saturday, May 10

Mother's Day

Of all the things life has to offer, being a mother is the best. So, to all the mothers out there . . . Happy Mother's Day.
You can download the .jpg file here and send them on to the mothers in your address book.

Monday, April 21

New Look

I did a bit of updating this weekend. I added a new header, which you can easily notice. My darling daughter (the glitch witch) has been nagging me to revamp. I like the new look, so I am grateful for her little nudges. I had hoped to add some buttons to my blog, but for the life of me; I cannot figure it out. Now, if this was Front Page; I would be dancing on my header. But, the glitch witch promised to help me out today or tomorrow. For the time being, I have updated my sidebar archives. Any post that had a freebie attached to it, is listed in the archives popup list. There are bunches and bunches of them, so go nuts with my permission. Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by. Later . . .

Tuesday, April 15

Rockin with a new hairstyle. . .

Finally! My grandaughter Emily is young for her grade. She will graduate next month at the ripe old age of seventeen. However, over the weekend; her appearance matured beautifully. She had her hair cut and she looks like she is ready for college.

Friday, April 11

Learning new stuff . . .

I really enjoy playing around and learning new things without a deadline or the expectations of someone other than myself. So, I have been playing around with PSE and I have posted a couple of pages that I made recently. Hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, March 19

So proud of her. . .

I wanted to show you a page that I did of my oldest grand-daughter. She is the adorable little redhead on the far right and she will graduate from North Cobb High School in a few short weeks. She already has credits accrued and plans galore for her fall semester at Kennesaw State University. I am so proud of this young lady, I do not have the space to type all of my grandmotherly citations. She's a sweet Georgia peach!