Monday, September 29

One of my favorites.

This is truly one of my favorite photos of Izabel. The kids took Izabel on her first cruise last summer. Well, do you know how the towels are folded like origami animals on your bed? This is Izabel having her first encounter with the towel animals. I just love the way she is being so hesitant as she 'sizes up' this critter. Also, I like the little curl that forms at the nap of her neck where she smells so 'Izabellish'. Anyway, I personally have never been on a cruise and have no desire to do so; especially when there are real life pirates out there.

Did you notice the stitching on the shabby fabric frame? Cool, huh? That is a brand new kit that I just listed over at Busyscrappin. As a bonus in that kit, there are two golden charms, one for little girls and one for little boys. Just for stopping by today, however; you can download the 'Little Man' boys charm here. Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, September 25

A piece of candy for my sweet . . .

I have been playing, as you can see. But, lots of you downloaded 'Scream in the Dark'; so I thought you might like another spooky page. Please, this page is not for commercial use. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 21

Oldies, but goodies.

Some serious house cleaning going on here. No, I did not wash the windows. I have been packaging up a few goodies for you to take home. This is my complete golden charm collection and for today they are free. Tomorrow, who knows. Enjoy.

Last Day of Summer

Well, here in the United States; we have about seven more summer hours. Tomorrow is officially the beginning of autumn. We call it Indian Summer here in Michigan. Of course, this is beautiful country settled by the Ottawa, Chippewa and Kickapoos. Hence, we still have our Indian Summers. My favorite time of year when there is a crispness in the air that I cannot explain. It is like the deep sign coming from all the trees and plants as they release their last bit of energy in preparation for the coming winter. And you DO NOT want to get me started on Michigan winters! Enough of my rambling!

This has been a busy week for me. The routine fall stuff like closing the pool and trimming down the plants. But beyond all of that, I had a big change in my scrappin world. I got an offer to join the team at BusyScrappin'. I suppose that you might have noticed the new blinkies. So, with change comes . . . always more change. Hey, it keeps me young. BusyScrappin' is a relatively new site with twenty or so designers and lots of new products. They have plans in the works for free collaboration bags and Halloween kits as well as reasonably priced digi items. That makes a difference to me, I just simply cannot afford a lot of the digi stuff out there. At BusyScrappin', the prices are within my spending range. Since I might actually have an opportunity to sell some of my products, I will be moving all of my complimentary products (freebies) into my boutique after the first several hundred free downloads. Or there abouts. I am not about to sit and watch my download screen and count the downloads, but you get my drift. Most designers, will preview their complimentary items for a day or sometimes a weekend. After that preview period, they move that item to their stores. Anyway, that is the plan. So, if you do see my very identifiable SKDesigns Product Page on DigiFree or one of the other preview sites, don't hesitate. He who hesitates. . .well, you know.

The good part is that I still get to do what I love, I still get to ramble on and now I get to be part of a real team. Cool, huh? So, go through my archives and snag whatever is there to snag; because tomorrow it may not be there. Actually, I have had a lot of people looking for that Halloween page I did last year, so I have listed the link for 'Scream In The Dark' below. Also quite a few people have missed my Bows with Pearls, so if you want those; please take them now. For the time being, I wish you all a pleasant day. Go over to BusyScrappin' and take a look around.

Friday, September 19

CT Call over at BusyScrappin'

Okay, this is not even out in the public yet. Just thought it would be a heads-up for anyone who has been thinking about joining a Creative Team. Everyone over there is super sweet and easy to get along with. FYI

Wednesday, September 17

Murder at the Deadwood Saloon

We have started a new tradition in the neighborhood where my husband and I spend the winter months. It is a Murder Mystery Night and we have a blast! So, I found it neccesary to create a vintage western kit for our Murder at Deadwood Night. Now, I have more news. . .the Deadwood kit is actually being listed over at BusyScrappin'. How cool is that? I actually am now part of the Design Team at BusyScrappin'. They invited me onto the team this weekend and it is sooo much fun! So, if you like the looks of this page; you can look for the Deadwood kit over at BusyScrappin'. It is quite a new place for digital scrappers and I am really impressed with how well it is coming together. Lots of fun and more in store. . .forgive the pun!
Now for a little Post Script: Since it would be highly unethical for me to post my neighbors dressed up as Saloon Girls from Miss Kitty's Place; I used this photo of my daughter and son-in-law instead. It was taken about 19 years ago, so I hope they don't get too bunged!

Thursday, September 11

This is the reason . . .

This is the reason that I need a 12 inch printer!
I love digital scrapping because it is so relaxing, it kicks my instant gratification needs and I feel more creative than I do when I simply cut out paper. I love digital scrapping, because there is no way that you can "Put Time in a Bottle" (below), or fit a huge clip within a page protector such as in "Izabel" (below). But, I wanted to make this page special; so I used an overlay of Emily's High School as the background. Then, I added a snapshot of her following her commencement ceremonies. The picture was taken in front of Kennesaw Hall; which is located on the campus of KSU. And of course, she now attends KSU as a freshman. So, if I had a twelve inch printer; I could have done a "Virtual" scrap page that would have been soooo bum sweet. I guess, until I am ready to part with some money; I will just have to keep having fun in "Digital".

Time in a Bottle ~ You can still purchase The Transparent Bottle Kit at my boutique.

I love this FREE Quick Page from Raspberry Road Designs. It is part of Susan Darter's Nantucket Briar Collection.