Wednesday, October 29

Holy smokes. . .

That's what I said, Holy smokes; it is snowing here in Michigan. Very light snow, but snow; nonetheless. We usually don't stay in Michigan once the snow starts falling, but we had some late appointments this year. It turned out that we were able to attend a funeral last Sunday, which was very important to Gary and I still have another dental appointment coming up as well as my mammogram. Mammogram, it always reminds me of a Telegram where someone answers the door and is presented with little black and white pics of my mammary glands. Then it seems as though Bob Hope should come shuffling out to sing, "Thanks, for the mammary".
But, of course; you are probably way too young to remember such things as telegrams and Bob Hope. I remember. Little ole ancient me, I remember it well. Old people, how they babble on. and on .. and on ...
I think I promised a freebie tonight. And you thought I forgot! This is an action freebie. Oh my gosh, there is another one. The action figure doll. You might remember those. . . Action Figures!! Okay, okay, I'm back. An action freebie that will turn a photo into an wrinkled, grungy mess. Sounds like the good gift that heaven bestowed on me.
I highly, highly, highly recommend that you download the Tutorial that goes with this freebie.
I would also highly recommend that you unzip and print out the Tutorial BEFORE you jump in head first, unless; of course you are a whiz that can dance around this little ole lady. And there are surely some that can. I hope you enjoy this freebie and if you like it tons and bunches, you may just want to purchase a kit that I will posting in the store over at Busyscrappin by weeks end. I want you all to concentrate on having a sugar coated Halloween and then when all the parties and trick o' treating are over with, you can relax and make yourself familiar with Photoshop Element Actions.
Please do remember to get onboard for the Busyscrappin Halloween Blog Train on Friday. There will be soooo many freebies from all of the designers there, that you will forget all about rippin off the Snickers and Tootsie Rolls from your kids. Enjoy the holiday everyone!!!

Monday, October 27

Just a little preview

Hey ya'll,
I have not been around much lately and I need to apologize for that. However, I am working on something really fun for you; so please be patient. I am leaving a little ad for the Halloween blog train coming up this week. I know that I have worked really hard on this and from the previews that I have seen; so have all the girls over at Busyscrappin. So, I am back to work now. Have a wonderful day. I will be posting a freebie on Wednesday night, so check back.

Tuesday, October 21

Thank you . . .

Yes, I would like to thank the two people who voted one way or another. Since they voted differently, here are both pages. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 19

Battle of the sexes . . .

Yes, I'm going to slap another election on you. I have been working on a new kit, "Simply Newborns"; to put in the store over at BusyScrappin. The problem is, I cannot decide which QuickPage I want to give away as a Freebie Add On. I have one for baby boys which I named "Little Prince" QuickPage and I have one for baby girls which I named "Baby's Blankie" QucikPage. So, I need you to please vote for which one should be offered here as a freebie on Wednesday. I would say Tuesday, but I have another dentist appointment on Tuesday. This appointment will only last two hours, but I am dreading it soooo much. Anyway, please help me out by leaving a comment below as to which one you want. Don't you wish the national elections were so easy? No lies. No voter frauds. No back stabbing. No standing in line for hours to vote. Just leave a comment, either boy page or girl page. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

For baby girls

For baby boys.

Sunday, October 12

Add this to your calendar.

I'm a bit under the weather right now, but; please click on over to BusyScrapping and check out some of the goodies. This will be my very first blog train, and let me warn you that my offerings are not for the faint of heart!

Friday, October 3

Let's talk about Overlays...

I could sit here for days and make overlays. I love them. Some of them are more like templates rather than overlays. I like them all. I love the fact that you can make overlays from any patterned paper that you are fond of. For instance, take a look at this page that I did of Taylor. The background paper is an overlay made from a paper pack created by Anna Benjamin over at Paper Moon. I used a JPEG of one of her 'Brocade Papers' and converted it to black and white image and then I save it as a PNG. Now, how simple is that? And it looks great. That is one way to make a simple overlay.
Then I used one of my 'Ragged Overlays' from the Ragged Overlay Kit that is listed over at Busyscrappin. These are PSD files that have just two layers. The bottom layer, you use as both an overlay and also a shape template. The upper layer, you use just as it is to provide the back side of your torn paper. You can also use that layer for a colored backside or even the patterned backside of double-sided paper. The number of combinations are almost endless. If you are unfamiliar with using shape templates as overlays, I have added a freebie below. Nothing fancy, it is made from a basic shape provided within your Photoshop Elements. It is a great example of how you can create shape overlays of your own. If you like the looks of the Ragged Overlays, go with the link to BusyScrappin and purchase one or all of my Rugged Overlays for just $1.00 each. You can absolutely make your pages super standouts with double, triple and even quad overlays. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.