Sunday, October 19

Battle of the sexes . . .

Yes, I'm going to slap another election on you. I have been working on a new kit, "Simply Newborns"; to put in the store over at BusyScrappin. The problem is, I cannot decide which QuickPage I want to give away as a Freebie Add On. I have one for baby boys which I named "Little Prince" QuickPage and I have one for baby girls which I named "Baby's Blankie" QucikPage. So, I need you to please vote for which one should be offered here as a freebie on Wednesday. I would say Tuesday, but I have another dentist appointment on Tuesday. This appointment will only last two hours, but I am dreading it soooo much. Anyway, please help me out by leaving a comment below as to which one you want. Don't you wish the national elections were so easy? No lies. No voter frauds. No back stabbing. No standing in line for hours to vote. Just leave a comment, either boy page or girl page. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

For baby girls

For baby boys.


Leaonna said...

this is a tuffie but ill say Boy since girl pages are much easier to find and i have 2 boys and 1 girl and yes it would be nice if choosing a president was this easy*roflol*

juno said...

They are both lovely but I choose Baby Girl, pls!

Anonymous said...

I like them both but I have to pick the one for boys!!