Friday, November 21

Still here.

Good morning, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Any day that I wake up is a wonderful day for me. I have this ear infection that some days makes me wish that I could sleep through the whole day. Every new antibiotic seems to make it worse than it was before. Needless to say, I stay up many nights playing around with Photoshop, which is hopefully a good substitute for gambling or drinking. The world just does not need another old drunk with a gambling habit. Thank you, Adobe. So, this morning I woke up and looked at what I created last night. Perhaps, I would do better as the little old drunk. This red page looks like I took a cake decorating class at the tattoo parlor.
And the blue one reminds me of a night when the sugar plumb fairies vandalized the forest after an experiment in the meth lab.

So, if I fail to wake up tomorrow; don't fret. However, I would seriously hesitate if your physician wants to put you on antibiotics for ANY reason. They (the two injections, one in each arm and ten days worth of orals) have caused disturbing changes to my artistic endeavors. Who knows, the Crystal Forest or Teaberry Tree might appeal to someone. As for me, I need to do some house cleaning and leave the artistic stuff to the ladies over at BusyScrappin.

Wednesday, November 12

Christmas Angel

One thing about digital is that you end up 'playing' with old stuff and seeing where it takes you. I guess it beats playing solitare. This little lady is one of those old pieces that I have been playing around with and I am going to put her out there. Some people might like her and find a use for her. I think of her as a Christmas angel. So, I cleaned her up and polished her wings and used her as an Overlay. But you could use her with a gradient or add any number of blends. See what you can do with her. What the heck, she's an angel; see what she can do for you. I know, I'm a little bit whacky. No terms of use on this one. Use her for personal, commercial, scrap for hire. No credit required.