Monday, April 20

Just one of those weeks.....

I cannot believe that I am pushing my computer while it is in the middle of having a hard drive break-down. Plus, we have been traveling upstate for funeral services today and will do that angain tomorrow. But, I promised to have some more of the Simply Newborn kits; so I am going to keep this brief. I hope you find some really wonderful things in here for you to use. Actually, I made this kit last year; but I enjoyed making it and I think there is a lot of good stuff in here. Birth announcements, lots of flowers, photo masks, photo clusters with and without wraps or bows, did I say lots of flowers? They match the paper, the clips, the birth announcements. Anyway, enjoy........

Saturday, April 18

Well, this is interesting.

Allrighty, an anonymous person left an interesting comment regarding the satin ribbon templates from yesterday. I love getting comments...nice ones, anyway. This lady was interested in learning how I get the colors in the crumpled ribbon to reflect the direction of the ribbon. Well, here it is. I used a piece of paper from my Simply Newborn kit. I made it to look like a baby blanket. So, when I looked at the crumpled ribbon template; I remembered the "Blankie" paper and it just fell into place together. Just follow the tutorial and use this paper. Of importance here are steps 17 and 18 of the tutorial. You really want to just slide your ribbon pieces around until they look good.
Might I suggest that you change the colors in this paper before you duplicate the multiple layers. In other words, download the paper, unzip it and then open your Satin Ribbon Template in Photoshop Elements. Place your "Blankie Paper" and then adjust the color before you do Ctrl>J to duplicate it. Okay, that's one way. Another would be to complete your ribbon, merge the layers and then adjust the color before you save it. You could link the layers, but that is a whole different tutorial.
I was going to put just that one paper in here, but I think you deserve the entire Simply Newborn kit! So, over the next few days; I will be offering the entire kit. Today, I am offering the paper. Hope you like it, and thank you for trying the tutorial.

Friday, April 17

Oh my gosh, by now everyone has seen and heard the video of Susan Boyle. Now, how refreshing is she? This woman worked towards her dream for her entire lifetime and sure enough, she now has the voice of an angel. Personality. A tremendous sense of humor. So far, far above the raunchy howling of many modern singers. I just hope and pray that her dream continues. If you somehow have missed her performance, goggle it. She will lift your heart and your spirit.
Beyond that, I hope to lift your mood a bit this weekend. You get something for free, you can follow along with the tutorial as though you were solving a crime and you finally get to snazz your pages a trifle. Now, you can add a bow or toss down a crumpled piece of ribbon on your page that will absolutely match your paper. Unlimited use, which means that once you make the bows to match the kit you are working on; you can sell the kit without even giving any credit to ScrapWizard. Cool, huh? Please don't just download them and throw them in your stash. Follow the tutorial which is written for beginners trying to learn Photoshop Elements. When you finish, I guarantee that you will think it is fun and you will be making bows to match everything. Have fun and enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, March 26

Just another fish.........

I have not been fishing for at least thirty years, which is no excuse for making this blunder. Yesterday, someone requested a fishing kit that was not a fly fishing kit, but rather a kit with walleye and bass. Whoa......I really messed this one up. I put a pretty rainbow trout on the background paper. Perhaps, "Its For Me" (the person who left the comment) can at least use the frame, jonsey and fishing pole. I left it in PSD. form just in case. Maybe someone else will want it.

Tuesday, March 24

Requests are appreciated.

As you can see, I have decided that I like the free digital concept. If you are searching for something in paticular, leave me a comment and I will try to come up with a freebie that will meet your needs. Or, perhaps you have seen one of my previous kits somewhere and would like to have it offered here for free. Don't hesitate to ask, I will do my best. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 23

Keeping You in Stitches

Well, I tried to sew some stitches on a paper scrapbook page yesterday and made a miserable mess of it. My tension was wrong and then I got sticky glue on my needle as it went through the paper. Just your basic sewing disaster! And that reminded me of this digital kit that I made last year. It is not strictly a design element, but it does force you to use the templates to create your own matching frames. You will learn something worthwhile, even if it is just that digital stitching is the way to go.

So, help yourself and have a wonderful day.
Unlimited Use.

Thursday, March 19

Digital Flea Market

After two months of not blogging, I can easily be found guilty of neglect. However, there is so much talent out there; I am sure that the death of one little blog would go unnoticed. I took some time out to try the boutique world, but it was just a bit too much for this retired granny. With this economic tsunami becoming a reality, I am more determined to make my site a "take n make" site. It may not be everyday that I will offer you something, but I will try to be pretty consistent. If a tutorial is required, it will be included. If there is something that you would like to know about basic digital creations, ask and I will try to be specific along with samples for you to use. No question is too silly for me since I had to teach myself.

Please remember, that there are plenty of kits out there for free. Summer Driggs has lots of beautiful kits for free, Scrap Girls still has their Refresh kit for free and of course there is the number one talent magnet, DigiFree. I will be offering completed kits, elemental separates, design elements such as overlays, brushes or templates. In other words, this is now my digital flea market. I hope you stop by often and I really want to encourage you to leave some feedback, since that is all that I ask. It is just a matter of courtesy.

My intention is not to entice you to purchase anything, but rather maintain the purpose of stirring up those creative talents within you to establish your own style and construct your own designs.

Today, let's go with some frayed fabric brushes. Very easy to use. Hope you enjoy your new brushes and are inspired to make some of your own.