Thursday, July 24

Victorian Boot Kit

I had so much fun designing this kit. These boots would make a darling addition to any vintage OR modern page. So, head on over to my boutique and check out the Victorian Boot Kit. Very reasonably priced!
(This kit INCLUDES a PSE Beginners Tutorial)

Sunday, July 20

The Dark Knight

Wow, we just got back from the theater. The Dark Knight is actually a fantastic movie. Of course, there will be lots of little crazy freaks trying to imitate the Joker for Halloween. Lovely role model! For the life of me, I do not understand why we continue to do this to our children. My children were terrified of the clown doll from the Poltergeist movie. Come to think of it, did I not just recently post a scrap page of my darling son (Ted) taking my grandaughter (Zuzu)Trick or Treating. Now, you cannot tell me that children are not affected by the scary things in movies! Look how he turned out! Actually, I am extremely proud of my son; he is one of Atlanta's finest . . . a Fire Fighter! And my daughter is another one of Atlanta's best . . . a Cardiac RN.
So, now back to my subject of the day . . . On The Dark Side, oh yeah! Big John Cafferty fan, here. What else grows on the dark side, besides The Brown Beaver Band? Mushrooms, oh yeah! You asked for em, you got em.

Friday, July 11

ShaZAM from Jessica Sprague


I love a good challenge. So, when Jessica Sprague added a little goodie (like a really stupendous camera strap from Cotton Candy); I had to follow through. If you go to her SpragueLab site, you can read the PhotoShop Friday challenge that she put out there. The camera strap is super cool, but the tutorial that she has named the ShaZAM Technique is well worth the trip. I liked the camera strap so much that I even made my own paper kit to match it. Of course, the winner will be the one and only one to have their name drawn from a bucket on Monday, July 14th. So, go and add some ShaZAM to your scrappin' techniques. Can't say that I didn't try!
By the way, you can purchase the expanded kit in my boutique section.