Saturday, October 20

Big sale at Scrap Girls

I have gotten so far behind on my blog. Too many things to do and so little time to do it in. But, I did want to make sure that absolutely everyone got the word about the big Anniversary Party going on over at ScrapGirls. All the way up until Wednesday, 22.3% off. I know that I want to go and pick up that All Stitched Up Kit, but I want to have the time to look around for some other stuff. They have all sorts of games and challenges. These girls have worked overtime to make this fun for us, so we should take advantage of all their toil and trouble. Now, get over there and see if you can win one of those $33.33 prizes. Have fun.

Tuesday, October 2

City Streets Preview

Well, I must apologize for that last page. I had Taylor for two days and she was kind enough to share her cold with me. When I was putting 'Autumn Leaves' together, I had a scratchy throat and dizzy head and well . . . it shows. That must be the ugliest page yet. As a matter fact, it is going to be deleted. There, it is gone. . .forever.

However, after spending a week with my Nyquil bottle; I got back to work on a kit that I am really excited about. If you have teenage sons or pre-teen nephews, you will be sending me kisses. My one and only grandson, Zach; is all boy. He does not hug his Grandmother. Nope, he runs at me with both arms open, grabs my neck in a flying strangle hold and swings his sweaty little body into whatever direction he is going. Nor does he call me Grandma . . . he calls me, G-Dog.

The point to all this is that I find it difficult to find scrap stuff for boys. There are frogs and tricycles, and baseball and soccer stuff; but I want some strumin geetars and noisy traffic stuff. I needed some Zach stuff! So, I am waiting on a note of approval from to see if I can release "City Streets". No bows, no cute little hearts . . . just "City Streets".

Hopefully, I will get a go ahead and as soon as that happens; you can download
some cool kid stuff. Until then, how about a little sneak peek? There are six pages and each has just one journaling block. I named this one, Up On The Roof.

What the heck, one more little peek won't hurt. I named this one, Rumble and it is my personal fav.

Here's hoping that I hear from the multi-talented Designfruit soon. Meanwhile, G-Dog is outta here.