Saturday, September 15

Freebies here: "Natural Accents" and "Belt Buckles"

Wow, am I ever glad that my better-half pooped out early. He wanted to go to town tonight for the AppleFest. The AppleFest is a HUGE event here. It is sponsored every year by St. John's Catholic Church in town and it is where everyone is right now. Apple pie, by the slice, by the pan, by the plate, any way to eat apple pie can be found at the AppleFest. They raffle off two new cars every year, tons of prizes and did I mention apple pie and beer? Anyway, Gary is taking a nap with the dog; which means I get to take a rest.

Are you ready for some bugs? Another thing you may have noticed about the Simplicity packs, they are infested with bugs! I think they make a nice addition to kids pages. All kids like bugs. My children used to have mantids on the curtains in the dining room. I would run screaming around the house at night. One day my son was going to show his Great-Aunt his collection of snakes. Oops, he left the lid open on his foot locker. Then, of course; there was the cigar box sitting in the middle of the floor in the pantry. Now, what would you do if you saw a fancy cigar box sitting in the middle of the floor? I had no idea that he had a spider collection. Anyway, kids like em and mothers hate them.

Get your bugs here:


This last group, I made for primarily vintage pages. I always remember my Grandmother having fabric covered belts on all of her dresses. It is a comforting memory. There is no photo of these, they are simply belt buckles covered in the vintage paper with the solid ribbon running through them. You can use them for photo wraps or simply a trim on the edge of a page.
Download the belt buckles and photo wraps here:

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mhsalgado said...

I've never seen such beautiful bugs! Lol! Thanks for another wonderful freebie!