Friday, September 14

Freebie here: "Beautiful Baby" Kit

I'll be darned. Here it is 11:00am and I just had to answer the door in my pajamas. I love working with PSE and I learn lots and lots, but I may be out of my mind. The only feedback I got was from my daughter. So, Kristin; here is a set that I made during that lesson we took back in June. The overlay on this paper is one that you made and there is a lot more in the kit than is in the photo. Hope you like it. I still plan on having some technicolor on here before night fall.

Download Beautiful Baby Paper and Embellies here:


Anne said...

Your work is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

TripletMommy said...

you mentioned you are from MI and FL. I was born and raised in MI too! I have a ton of family that live in FL (Cocoa, Merritt Island, Tampa, Melbourne, etc). I just moved from MO to AR. Such a small world.

AJ said...

These are so soft and pretty! It's late now, but I will come back and download! :D