Monday, September 10

Freebie here: Little Golden Charms

Well, we closed the pool this morning. There was much discussion about whether to fill it in this summer or continue to keep dumping dollars into water that nobody swims in. That is always the last warning sign that the leaves are coming down and the flakes will follow close behind. Another summer in Michigan over and soon we head south for the cold spell.

I created this blog just this morning, so that I could display some of my scrap pieces. For the time being, I will concentrate on setting up the download services; so you can use my papers and pieces if you wish. Alas, once a freebie, always a freebie. However, at some point; I will be listing my newest pieces for sale. But, at this stage of the game; I am experimenting with this global marketplace and all its ramifications.

I put together a group of "Little Gold Charms" this weekend. Please leave me a note if you use them and perhaps a link to your work. Please do not use my pieces for any money making endeavors. Thank you.

Download here:

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