Monday, September 17

Freebies here: "Little Gold Charms 2" and "Grunge Elements"

Would you believe that I got an email this morning from a friend in Pennsylvania telling me that she and her husband were leaving for Florida in 14 days?! I guess the time is really slipping by faster than I realized.

Anyway, I have been looking at my download stats and it seems as though the elements are of more interest to you than the paper. So, I made some more little gold charms and some grungy stuff that I like to think of as shipping or postal stuff. The tags read:

Caution: Children are LOOSE!
Caution: Contents are ALIVE!
Caution: Girls on the MOVE!
Handle with Care
Caution: Boys on the MOVE!

Download the Grunge Elements here:

Download the Little Golden Charms 2 here:

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dodo said...

thanks so much love the elements