Friday, November 9

On our way.

Wow, I have been backing up files for what seems like a week. I have the house pretty much in order and I will spend tomorrow going through every single drawer, packing what I think I might need for the next five months. I still have to pack all my clothes and my paper scraps tonight. I am alotted one Crop Station packing unit for my paper scraps. Anyway, we will be on the road by Sunday. Once I get to Atlanta, I will order my new computer (YES!!) and then I will not have to wait for too long before it gets delivered in Florida. As soon as possible, I will have a freebie listed on Of course, I will be way down at the bottom of the list, but hey; sometimes you have to dig for treasure! So, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I will talk to you soon. God bless us all.

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